Anti-Aging Facial

While I truly enjoy working with the organic skin line, an Anti-Aging Facial needs more sophisticated products and technology to target ageing. Therefore, I ventured into high-delivery anti-aging skin care to rehabilitate mature skin and reverse skin's complexion.

Three professional skincare lines will be used during the Anti-Aging Facial  


  • Le Mieux (a Korean line based in Los Angeles)
  • Circadia by Dr. Pugliese (an American line based in Pennsylvania)
  • SkinScript RX (an American line based in Phoenix)


Anti-Aging Facial

Le Mieux (which means "The Best" in French) has garnered the reputation of The Serum Authority for its diverse selection of scientifically advanced serums. Unlike traditional water-based skincare products, the base of Le Mieux skincare products features the Master Molecule: hyaluronic acid.


Le Mieux is the first company to utilize a unique technology to deliver hyaluronic acid, so its intensive moisturizing properties benefit the surface of the skin as well as the intercellular matrix for immediate and long-lasting results.  Le Mieux is highly awarded by the industry. 

SkinScript RX is very famous for its enzymes. When I apply enzymes at the beginning of a facial (during the steam phase), they act as mini-peels and that allowes all serums to penetrate into your skin as deeply as possible.


All SkinScript products are paraben free, natural, and ideal for treating all skin types. SkinScript RX developed a beautiful peel designed to safely fight hyperpigmentation for ALL skin types, from lightest to darkest (see Microdermabrasion section)

My spa offers exclusive "Comphy" linens for the treatment bed, which Ritz-Carlton hotels have, to provide the luxury experience during advanced facials.


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