Oxygen Rx Treatment

What is the Oxygen RX treatment? A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optional levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits and help to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea and telangiectasia (broken capillaries) with brighter skin. This treatment is extremely nourishing and beneficial for all skin types.
Yes, there are many amazing benefits of the 
Oxygen RX treatment to get glowing skin that provide immediate results that mostly people overlook such as:

  • Germicidal action is excellent for killing oxygenating bacteria including P. acnes
  • Breaks protein bonds that hold corneocytes together
  • Oxidation of pigments causes bleaching, which brightens the skin 
  • Reduces the appearance of rosacea and telangiectasia 
  • Effectively increases nutrient transport to the skin


The Oxygen Rx Treatment can be repeated once every 3 weeks to maintain the skin's condition. The procedure is quick, easy, and pleasant, and the result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. This treatment is NOT suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding clients.

When combined with the appropriate home care products, my clients with acne and rosacea see significant improvement. After just ONE Oxygen Rx Treatment,a client shared the following: 

"As of this morning flaking is almost gone as well as the rosacea bumps on my cheek! The cystic acne on my chin is less than half of what it was!!! The seborrheic dermatitis is definitely getting better! Hooray!! Finally!! You have done what 3 dermatologists could not!"

~ Rita


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