Teen facials

I created this service for kids to help them with their skin issues, to answer their questions, to educate them about healthy skin care routine, so they can be more confident about their apperance. Also, if mom needs to deliver some message to her kid, I'm happy to do that for her. As we know, our kids listen to other people much more attentively than to us, their parents. Good example would be every day application of a sunscreen and drinking plenty of water.


Your child is always welcome to have full facial. There is no age restrictions for both facials. 25-year old can have a teen facial, and 17-year old can be splurged for a full one.

Unlike full facial, teen facial has only 1 mask and no massages. It lasts about 1 hour (often 1 hour 15 minutes) and costs $39.


Teens (especially high school boys) often feel uncomfortable going to big spa with a waiting room full of women. In my spa, there are only him/her, parent and me. Full privacy guaranteed! Parent is welcome to stay in the spa in the waiting area, or right in the treatment room, or leave and come back in an hour. If possible, limit to 1 parent and absolutely no younger siblings. Kids really enjoy my facials, comfort and quiet, the music, the candles, the steam. They feel that they are treated as adults and really value that.

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