I use Satin Smooth depilatory system, which is famous for its wide selection of waxes and is the ONLY line, approved by dermatologists. Satin Smooth has a lot to choose from: Zinc Oxide wax, Organic Soy wax, Honey wax with Argan, Tea Tree wax with Eucalyptus, Citrus Mojito and much, much more. This allowes to customize your waxing precise to the type of your skin, thickness of your hair and overall target of the procedure.


Here is the price list for waxing services:


Eyebrows     15


Upper lip     5


Chin     5


Cheeks     5


Full face     20



Are your eyebrows so light that they are almost invisible? Are they a different color than your hair? Are you tired of using mascara to make your blond eyelashes visible and eyebrow pencil to define your brows? I offer you the remedy today. It is a procedure that permanently tints brows and lashes to a darker shade. (The tint lasts four to six weeks. The lashes and brows have to be redone when hair grow out and fall out naturally and are replaced with new hair.)

If you swim often, it's a must have procedure.

Tinting lashes and brows should be done by a licensed professional only. Hair tint can cause blindness. It is not something to play with. The FDA and cosmetologists warn against aniline dyes (that’s the kind you use for your hair) for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows.


Eyebrows tinting 10

Eyelashes tinting 10


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